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March 31 - April 2, 2014


Profiting From the Highly Fragmented Water Industry

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Lux Research Analyst Anthony Vicari discusses 3D printing on CNBC. Watch the video here.

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Company Introduction

Lux Research Company Introduction

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Sample Research

Sustainable Building Materials: Building Integrated Photovoltaics: Moving Beyond Showcase projects. Download  

Efficient Building Systems: Sifting Winners from Losers in the Building IT Acquisition Frenzy. Download

Alternative Fuels: Bio-based Fuels and Materials Through 2015: Growing Capacity Past a Drop in the Bucket. Download

Bio-based Materials and Chemicals
: Aligning Contribution: Partnering Strategies in Biofuels and Biochemicals. Download

Advanced Materials: Carbon Fiber and Beyond: The $26 Billion World of Advanced Composites. Download  

Formulation and Delivery: The Expanding formulation and Delivery Market in China. Download  

Water: Technologies turn waste to profit. Download  

Printed, Flexible, and Organic Electronics: Finding the Winning and Losing Companies in Printed, Flexible, and Organic Electronics. Download

Energy Electronics
: Better Lighting Reduces Energy Costs and Carbon. Download

Solar Components
: Searching for Game Changers in Photovoltaics Materials Innovations. Download

Solar Systems
: Who Wins the Peak? The Battle of Solar, Storage and Smart Grid to fill Peak Demand. Download

Grid Storage: Grid Storage Under the Microscope: Using Local Knowledge to Forecast Global Demand. Download

Mobile Energy
: Using Partnerships to Stay Afloat in the Electric Vehicle Storm. Download
China Innovation: Innovation Journal. Download

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